Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life's Essential Grammar..

Whenever I speak,
People start advising me:
"Go n learn some grammar,
Learn some tenses and practice speaking
Avoid your mother tongue influence,
Or better stay away from the crowd.."

I was not born in any of the English Isles.
Neither my dad nor my mom was English.
I was not sent to a 'Mandatory English speaking' school.
I chatted with my friends in the language I knew.
We had much fun and engaged ourselves,
Reading the children's periodicals and our's stuff..

Climbed all those possible trees.
Enjoyed our childhood and
Received countless pinches,
Scoldings and thrashes from our parents.
Cried hiding behind the wardrobes
But still we were happy..

Now this loneliness hurts..
No ears to listen our agonies.
Then we dint had money to buy our sweets n toys.
Now our purses are full, but heart empty.
Trees have grown n its branches high
Unable to climb and health weak..

Spring is in the air,
But we crossed that shore,
Boarded the boat of agony..
Winter is waiting for us.
That chill is somewhere near.
We lost our hearts which smiled..

My friend.. We are still not late..
Come.. Let's row this boat and cross this Fall.
Tide is low and our moon is high..
The world is sleeping, now is the time..
Spring is in the air..
Spring is in the air..


Junaida Mariyam said...

Amazin' wrk rijuthathaa...rly

Junaida Mariyam said...

Nw oua purses are full,bt hurt is!!!!

Rijoola said...

Thnq Juni... Keeping reading n commenting..

Junaida Mariyam said...